Greetings from the Supreme Leader


I would like to wish you a very warm welcome and assure you that I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our official Megalovanian and Eastslavonian news outlet site. This site is an important connection to the world, a link transcending the barriers of distance and helping me to fulfill my commitment to the Eastslavonian and Megalovanian people to use the office of President to reach out to others. I hope that it will be particularly helpful in educating the world about our nation.
This virtual space is a place where individuals and groups from many different cultures backgrounds and traditions will be able to learn about Eastslavonia; our culture, our history, our government and our people. One of the smallest nations on Earth, Eastslavonia has a rich heritage and ever-expanding role on the international scene. A bright future lies ahead of us, and by visiting our website you are part of that destiny.
I hope that this site will serve as an invaluable information resource on Megalovania, in its unique place in the international world of today.
Enjoy your visit!

                                                                                  Sincerly sending the photo thats under the text,

His Excellency, President Viktor Izák