Eastslavonia still with no cases!


31.08.2020 00:00, (UTC +02:30, GMT +01:30 = 30 mins ahead of Bratislava Central Time BST)

Eastslavonia is still without cases of Covid-19 as of Sept. 1, 2020. In neighbouring area of the beekeepers estate, there are also no cases, because the bees weren't still tested. And in another neighbouring country Slovakia, there are fewer and fewer cases every day. It looks good for all these countries. Although, there is still state of emergency in Eastslavonia and luckily it is not required to wear a face mask.

On the yesterday evening, the union government had a last press conference in Summer about the new measures. They are: closing the shops, quarantine of elderly peoples home Archa, border controls and recommendation to wear some facial cover.

The government will have press conference on the 2nd of September at 15:15. They will announce new measures about the coronavirus. Yesterday, they discussed this problem for 30 minutes, but there will be no very radical measures, President (Supreme Leader of the union) Viktor Izák said: "I am immune to the virus, sothough all Megalovanian and Eastslavonian children.

 One note: the press conference was postponed, but it will still be on this day. 

So, in one of two neighbouring countries of Slovakia, there are 3,917+41 total cases with people that have coronavirus. In Megalovania, there is no one and luckily, in Eastslavonia, too. Republic of School and Zaal had their borders closed from 10th March, because 7 people live there and it can be higher possibility of catching Covid-19 here. Vinohradská oblasť (Selfautonomus Republic of Vineyards), Rypanská kosodrevinová oblasť (Selfautonomous Republic of Riparian Woodland area) and all of the tourist regions are still opened. But the main message: Don't be scared!